A Book for Sale

A Passage from Luminous Airplanes, or Things As They Were: A Hyperromance

Shockingly, ten years after I wrote the Thebes story, and four years (it’s now May 2011) after I began this Commentary, Luminous Airplanes was published as a book. Or rather, some of has been published: those sections that appear in red on the map, plus some material that I haven’t put online yet. It has even received some good reviews. E.g. this from the New York Times: “A strange and salutary shock… Luminous Airplanes is about connection and significance… the ramifying, mysterious ways we human beings affect each other, from parent to child, invention to invention, generation to generation.” I am (as you may have guessed) a fairly self-defeating person, but in this instance I am going to try not to defeat myself, and I’ll just wrap up this comment by saying that you can find Luminous Airplanes the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indie Bound.

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