The Episcoscope

A Passage from Luminous Airplanes, or Things As They Were: A Hyperromance

This too is from Rollo Walter Brown’s The Black Guide to Bleak College:

In the early days of Bleak College, with co-education still a century and a half away, undergraduates amused themselves by spying on the Anglican girls (less modestly dressed, presumably, than the Congregationalists) who went in and out of St. John's Church, on the New Haven Green. The telescope set up on the roof of West Tower was so often used for this purpose that Mr. Ablet said it ought to be called an Episcoscope. The name, as names will, survived long after Mr. Ablet and the girls had passed away. People said the Episcoscope was a device invented by Mr. Bleak himself; it was a lens good only for seeing bishops, or, alternately, a device that turned anyone you looked at into a bishop—a transformation which became increasingly heretical as New Haven was overrun with Atheists, day laborers and scoundrels in dark coats who claimed to represent the financial interests of New York City.

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