A Passage from Luminous Airplanes, or Things As They Were: A Hyperromance

A secret society at Bleak. Twelve seniors were chosen each year to be the “anglers,” the guardians of a tradition of mystery and obfuscation which was supposed to have begun with Prosperity Bleak three hundred odd years ago. No one knew who the anglers were, at least, officially no one knew. But we had stories about what they did. Ablette was supposed to have a secret room underneath the chapel where they sang old songs in darkness. They were supposed to sit naked around a well that had been covered over since Prosperity Bleak’s day, and lower lines into the still water, and catch white cave fish with blind eyes, or maybe it was always the same fish, centuries old, and in some stories the fish was given the power to speak and it told them things about how the school had been centuries ago, and about where it ought to go in the future.

There were other stories, as fantastic as the ones Momus told Jenny: Ablette owned a Pacific island nation and made fantastic sums of money printing stamps, into which inaccuracies were introduced in order to increase their rarity. Ablette ran Hollywood. Ablette had a seat on the Trilateral Commission. Ablette knew where to find Atlantis, and would find it, when Ablette was ready. Ablette would see to it that anyone who told lies about Ablette was visited and warned not to tell those stories again.

Is that someone at the door?

Just kidding.

Wait, seriously, I hear someone at the door.

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